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    Our 2-Wheel mobile dolly units are often used to fill totes or drums from a larger tank, using the mobility of the unit to move easily from one tank to another. This unit is also used in the delivery of fluids from a truck when making deliveries of fluids such as oil, fuel, antifreeze, windshield fluid, etc. Typical fluids: Fuels, Oils, Lubes, Anti-freeze, Petroleum Contact Water (PCW), Transmission Fluid.

    Our systems feature patented Tri-Lobe positive displacement impeller technology that provides dry-run, dry suction lift, and flow performance like no other positive displacement pump in the industry. - DRY-RUN – Our pump can be operated without fluid in the pump chamber. Pulling fluid through an empty pipe or hose is no problem. There’s no need to prime the pump...just turn it on! - SUCTION LIFT PERFORMANCE - When it’s time to pump fluid from down deep, the Dixon Pumps Tri-Lobe impellers can generate a vacuum that will lift fluids over 28 ft. at sea level!

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