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  • 10hp-hat-channel-expproof-transfer-pump-skid

    Our “hat” channel skids provide the amazing performance of the Dixon Pumps Tri-Lobe pump design on a sturdy, light-weight platform allowing easy access to the pump inlet and outlet. This skid can be used with custody transfer meter and VFD (on 3-Phase Motors) options to transfer fluids at flow rates between 10 and 175 GPM up to 150 psi in applications such as fleet, aviation, marina, construction, and agriculture refueling as a well as bulk loading/unloading for rail, truck, and marine vessels. Typical fluids include Fuels, Oils, Lubes, Anti-freeze, Petroleum Contact Water (PCW), Transmission Fluid, and some petrochemicals.

    These stationary, explosion-proof models can be mounted to appropriate surfaces or frames and used in hazardous areas typically found in places where petroleum is stored or used.  The motors used in these models are classified "EXP PROOF CL I GR D CL II GR F&G T3B", "EXP PROOF CL I GR C&D CL II GR F&G T3B", or "Division 1 - Class I, Group D".  Refer to the nameplate on the motor to determine which classification is on the pump.

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